Graveside Package Pricing

Lyle Reeves Funerals is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service ever experienced in our industry. We have developed a business model that allows us to keep costs down for our families while at the same time providing a detailed customer service program that continues to provide support to the families we serve forever.

Our service packages are based on the business model we have developed for today's consumer. They contain descriptions of the various goods and services we provide. With the service packages from Lyle Reeves Funerals you’ll be empowered not only to make comparisons with other funeral homes in the area, but you’ll be better prepared to make funeral or cremation arrangement decisions.

Below are the types of services we provide. This is part of our commitment to making this process an easy experience for the families we serve.

Graveside Burial

Graveside Cremation

If you have any questions on our package pricing please email [email protected] or call (403) 652-4242.